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Discover how to make your website the most search engine friendly!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the combination of techniques and strategies to increase the online visibility of a website, attract more traffic and thus, increase potential customers. It’s absolutely essential for brands to be visible to potential and current customers among the millions of websites on the web today, and only SEO can fulfil that need.

Pyrite Technologies understands how important brand value and authority is, and creates a comprehensive customized strategy depending on every client’s requirement. Our analytical approach involves thoroughly understanding the target demographics, competitors, keywords, market trends, usage patterns and latest developments as well as identifying untapped potential. This helps us craft an innovative and personalized plan, keeping in mind the constantly changing world of digital marketing and search engine algorithms.

In-depth Website Technical SEO Audits

  • We conduct in-depth SEO audits for our client websites. We thoroughly research the technical aspects of the website, such as crawl errors, indexing errors, hosting issues and so on.
  • The integrity of each client website is checked in this stage and any broken links and redirects are eliminated. The site speed, outbound links, stats are checked, and then the junk is removed from all sources.
  • Once the hosting issues are identified, we help clients implement the right strategies for error free website hosting.

Keyword Research and Strategic Planning

  • First, we carry out thorough keyword research to plan for optimal content delivery.
  • Our SEO specialists then carry out keyword research on competitor websites and provide a detailed report on what could bring results.
  • Once we identify proper keywords for the client website, our SEO optimization team helps strategically plan keyword usage and build great content around it.

Website Architecture and On-Page SEO

  • At Pyrite, we use only the latest tools to get an in-depth understanding about the client website architecture. With the help of proper website analysis, we work to create a flat architecture so that each page can be quickly accessed.
  • As one of the top SEO companies we understand the importance of good website architecture. We use a strategic approach to design, plan and execute a website.
  • Our professional SEO team makes the best use of technology and provides result driven on-page optimization. In order to earn more relevant traffic and get higher SEO rankings for our clients, we optimize individual SEO pages.

Content Development and Blogging

  • With our expertise in content development, we work towards validating website content for accuracy and usability. We ensure that website goals are met, and the end results add value to client businesses.
  • Our SEO marketing team helps manage web traffic and analyzes alterations in order to provide result driven content.
  • We provide timely blogging services and manage blogs, social media posts, and so on. Our experienced and skilled bloggers create crisp and original content that has a highly positive impact on brand value.

White Link Building and Content Outreach Analytics

  • Pyrite uses experience, expertise and valuable resources for white-hat link building. Our research team carries out a complete SEO analysis, and based on that we come up with a strategic plan.
  • When it comes to white-hat link building, shortcuts never work. White-hat link building is a process that requires quite a bit of time and a strategic approach and we make sure to constantly deliver this to our clients.
  • Pyrite Technologies uses only the latest tools and proven methods to identify content outreach. Once we receive the data or statistics, we follow it up with the latest SEO practices and creative ways to improve content reach.

Growth Reporting and ROI Analysis

  • It is important for website owners to understand the growth rate, which is why we provide efficient growth reporting and ROI analysis.
  • We not only provide KPI or key performance indicators, but also break them down in a way that makes sense. The statistics need to be clear in order to get a better idea of what is happening on the website.
  • We help provide month over month growth, year over year growth, social media community reports, traffic by locations, and so on. Our reports are compiled in a way that is easy to understand overall growth.

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